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WOW: Session Engagement ANALYTICS 👀

AUTHOR: The Session team


The Session product team has gon' done it again.

Data lovers, fasten your seat belts. It's about to get wild up in here.

Introducing Session Engagement Analytics

a.k.a. know super duper interesting stuff about your session people.

To view your Session Engagement Analytics, click the button "View insights" on any webinar that has ended.

This opens your post-event dashboard, like this:

Here you can:

  • View engagement charts and analytics including when attendees joined and dropped off, as well as the timing, volume, and breakdown of emoji reactions and chat messages throughout the event.

  • Download the recording or share it immediately with a link.

  • Export your attendee data, including time spent in the session and their engagement score.

  • View all the goodies that were shared at the event like Q&A submissions, chat messages, shared links and files, and more.

Watch a short video walkthrough of Session Engagement Analytics here.

How to use engagement data like this

You might be thinking "Cool stuff, but how do I use it?"

The short answer is it's up to you and we want to know about it!

The long answer is Session engagement data is the first step to solving the Virtual Engagement Black Box Problem. The Virtual Engagement Black Box Problem is the dearth of data that video platforms can deliver regarding their attendee engagement.

Engagement data is important for marketers, teams, and community builders who are looking for answers to key questions:

  • How engaged are my attendees?

  • What moments were they most engaged?

  • What content resonated the most with my audience?

  • Which attendees were the most engaged?

  • How long was Attendee X at the event?

  • Was my event a success overall?

Previously, most video conferencing tools came up somewhat empty on these questions.

Now, with Session, you can answer all of these questions and more.

Here's a few tips on how.

  • View the Engagement charts. change the filters on the right to Emoji reactions and Chat messages. Were people actively sending chat messages and emoji reactions? If either graph is flat, the engagement might have been a little low. If the graphs were full or filled with spikes, congrats! Your attendees were highly engaged!

  • Go to the Attendee tab and sort the list of attendees by Engagement (click the heading to apply sorting), here you can see who was engaged from most to least. Hover over their engagement score to see the breakdown.

  • View the timestamps of the spikes in your Emoji reactions or chat messages. Now check out the video recording and scrub to those timestamps. You'll immediately remember what made the crowd so excited. Takeaway: whatever it was, repeat it at the next session!

  • Similar to the above - when was the chat most populated? Check out the timestamps of the chat spikes and view the video content at those times.

Tip: Use this data to easily identify clips for sharing video highlights on social media channels.

Note: this is the early version of this feature, the Product team has so much more coming on this, so keep an eye out for future releases and improvements.

What do you think of Session Engagement Analytics? Tap one of the emojis to the left to let us know your thoughts.

Talk soon,

Team Session

P.S. This feature is live in your Session account now — see it in action for yourself!

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