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Webinar Registration, New AV Check, and Name Labels

AUTHOR: The Session team

We just launched some of our biggest new features for webinars and small events!

Webinar Registration

We now support true registration for webinars!

  • New customizable registration page design - name, description, logo, and background

  • Streamlined registration and joining flows (and no more edge cases!)

  • Cleaned up customization panel with new tabs

New AV Check & Name Labels

The lobby is now an AV check, which all participants, hosts, and organizers see before entering a room or webinar.

  • New page design that mimics the background and colors from the room

  • Create your own name label that is visible to all participants on your video tile

    • Name + Headline

    • Avatar/logo

    • Background color

  • Cleaner video/audio tile and controls

Redesigned Theme Picker

We've redesigned the look & feel for picking your theme during creation of a new webinar or room.

  • Try our Interactive Stream theme for webinars and large events up to 3,000 participants, of which only those presenting on the interactive stage will have audio and video.

  • Try our Workshop theme for presentations and all hands up to 100 participants, where everyone can join with audio and video, and engage on a moderated stage or in the participant gallery.

  • Try our Meetup theme for team meetings and discussion panels up to 100 participants, all of which display in a grid view with audio and video.

Minor Improvements & Bug Fixes

Some of our notable improvements and bug fixes include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Video tiles in the participant gallery are now taller so you can more easily see people’s faces

  • First time user onboarding guide is now updated in the product to help organizers navigate setting up a newly created webinar or room

  • The YouTube Music player now starts out as an expanded tile so everyone in the room can see the song that you are playing

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