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New features Minor improvements and bug fixes

Some New Features and a TON of improvements

AUTHOR: The Session team

We're excited to share some updates on what's new in Session!

Clickable On-Screen Messages

Hosts can now highlight links to attendees in the session, as a means to draw more attention to links shared in the chat. These links can then be displayed to attendees on the recordings page, alongside chat and Q&A as well.

Vertical Video Tiles

With the world turning to the beauty of the portrait aspect ratio in product such as TikTok, we decided to do the same. All users now have vertical video tiles set as their default, and can also toggle between vertical and horizontal aspect ratios from their video settings menu when needed.

Alongside this change, we also updated the look and feel of the joining experience, so you'll see a new fresh UI there too!

Annual Pricing

We've not only launched a new annual pricing plan, but also are offering a limited time discount on it too! Learn more at

Notable Improvements & Bug Fixes

We have made a ton of improvements across the product (thanks for your continued feedback and bug reporting!):

  • Session registration links are now auto-shortened, so hosts can now share clean links

  • Refreshed the UI of audio and video settings menus with a new layout and toggles

  • Moved the attendee gallery to the left side in certain larger screenshares

  • Added a theme label to session/room cards in the dashboard

  • Added a leave room button in the webinar theme in-room toolbar

  • Show a border around the active speaker in all themes (when there are 2 or more users in a session)

  • Refreshed UI for the host controls panel to make it simpler to access and use widgets

  • Organizers can toggle to display highlighted links, chat, and Q&A on the attendee recording page

  • New 'contact us' experience in the product to make it easier to ask for help

  • Added captions to the webinar theme

  • Added custom branding to automated emails, so that the registration page banner and logo appear throughout

  • Session calendar invites no longer have a long link in the description

  • Screenshare tiles now only display the name of the user upon hover

  • All passcode-protected sessions now show the passcode (rather than an authId) in the url

  • Disabled breakout groups in large sessions greater than 250 attendees

  • Organizers are now redirected to their session history page when they leave or end a session

  • Fixed the positioning of highlighted chat messages in the room

  • Past sessions are now eligible to be synced to HubSpot

  • We increased attendee support from 3K to 5K attendees for business plan customers

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