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September Release Notes

AUTHOR: The Session team

Welcome to our new format for product release notes, which we plan to publish with each major release. These updates will be more brief than in the past and more frequent in cadence. We have simplified the new format to highlight new feature launches, minor improvements, and bug fixes - we encourage you to test them out for yourselves as you continue to use Session. Enjoy!

New Features

The last couple months have been packed with polishing the product as we ramp up user onboarding during our early access phase. That said, we do have two new feature highlights for you:

  • Additional room security options to secure the room with a passcode-protected url or restrict the room to specific email domains

  • New authentication flows to enable a more seamless sign up, sign in, and sign out experience - check out our new product landing page at

Minor Improvements & Bug Fixes

In addition to our new features, we know the devil is always in the details. Some of our notable improvements and bug fixes include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Participants in the lobby can now see a message informing them if the room is being recorded

  • Hosts now see a confirmation dialog when they start a webinar, followed by a 3-second countdown animation before the webinar begins

  • CPU performance has improved across all aspects of the product - hopefully you'll notice your computer fans now doing less work

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