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New Host Controls Panel, Automated Emails, and More!

AUTHOR: The Session team

We've been hard at work with a bunch of new features this month, and we're excited to share them with you! Oh and btw, have you checked out our new website?!

New Host Controls Panel

Our toolbox has been redesigned and repurposed to be an all-in-one control panel for hosts to run their sessions.


  • Manage the stage - add/remove participants and mute participants when needed

  • Tools - Record a session, enable Q&A, start/stop breakouts, and use timers

  • Music - Play from a list of songs or add your own from YouTube

Automated Emails

We've updated all of our transactional emails with a new design and improved messaging. Here are some of our most sent automated emails, amongst a few others:

  • Webinar Registration Confirmation (Attendees) - Sent to attendees when they register for a webinar (only applicable for webinars that have registration enabled)

  • Webinar Date or Time Change (Attendees) - Sent to registered attendees when an organizer/host changes the start date or start time of a webinar

  • Webinar Reminder (Attendees) - Sent to registered attendees 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the webinar

  • Post-Webinar Insights (Organizer) - Sent to the organizer after a webinar has ended

  • Post-Meeting Recording (Organizer) - Sent to the organizer after everyone has left a room that was recorded

Minor Improvements & Bug Fixes

Some of our notable improvements and bug fixes include, but aren’t limited to:

  • The last 3 YouTube songs now display in the new host controls panel. Plus, the music player now auto-closes when the YouTube song finishes

  • New users who sign up in the lobby can now set their name before joining the room

  • Q&A improvements - hosts can now clear questions; hosts can also now disable anonymous questions

  • Webinar insights now show both total unique attendees and total concurrent attendees

  • Participants are now alerted in the room when they are mentioned in chat

  • Self video tiles will now display your name instead of 'You'

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