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New Features for 2023!

AUTHOR: The Session team

Happy New Year! We're excited to share some product updates to kickoff 2023!

'Webinars' are now 'Scheduled Sessions'

We've renamed 'webinars' across the product to 'sessions', since we know that those scheduled sessions with registration pages and insights can be more than just webinars.

We've made this most apparent in an updated dashboard design, which has consolidated both Rooms and Sessions into one creation flow. Upon clicking 'Create a Session', organizers will be able to choose between creating a room and scheduling a session (previously called webinars).

Additional Registration Fields

More fields for organizers to include on the registration page!

  • Name (First and Last)

  • Company

  • Title

  • Marketing Consent (checkbox)

Organizers can enable each of these as optional or required. They can also see all attendee information before the webinar in the list of registrants and after the webinar in the insights.

Registration Flow Improvements

We've heard from many of you about ways in which we can streamline the registration experience, so we made a few improvements to the flow:

  • New registration confirmation screen - improved design to make it easier to understand what to do next after registering, including how to access the webinar

  • If you are signed in, you can now enter a webinar directly from the registration page when the webinar has started

  • Automatic calendar invites - registration confirmation emails now contain an email invite automatically

  • Guests who enter a webinar will have their display name pre-filled with the first and last name from their registration (if applicable)

  • We now expose UTM parameters from the registration url to webinar organizers

Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

Some of our notable improvements and bug fixes include, but aren’t limited to:

  • First-time users joining a session now see a new permissions dialog that guides them through how to allow camera and microphone permissions in their browser.

  • Attendees can now see which attendees are hosts while viewing the chat and Q&A.

  • The new post-session microsite design has been updated to match the new registration page design.

  • Highlighted chat messages shown on stage are smaller and also no longer overlap attendee video tiles.

  • Screensharing now includes audio.

  • 'Participants' are now referred to as 'Attendees' consistently throughout the product.

  • Attach more than just images in the chat.

  • When starting breakouts groups, we now notify hosts that the session is not recorded.

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