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New features Minor improvements and bug fixes

Dynamic Stage Layouts and Launch Week Bug Fixes

AUTHOR: The Session team

Some updates from our first week of public rollout

Dynamic Stage Layouts

We have merged the best of the Meetup theme into the Workshop theme to provide a more dynamic layout:

  • Toggle the stage on/off to use the grid layout from the Meetup theme or the stage layout from the Workshop theme

  • Enable the active speaker tile to be larger, including while screen sharing

Minor Improvements & Bug Fixes

Some of our notable improvements and bug fixes include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Participants who want to join a session without audio and video permissions will need to explicitly click a secondary button to do so (P.S. We are working on an improved design for this coming soon!)

  • Various registration bug fixes and improvements to make your joining flow simpler

  • AV optimizations to make sure we detect and you can use your audio and video with ease!

  • Other performance optimizations to make your Session experience smoother

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